JY-883 Automatic Rotary Glue Activating MachineJY-883 Automatic Rotary Glue Activating Machine shoe making machine Shoe Sole Glue Activating and Footwear Glue Activating Oven


Model name: JY-883

This machine is suitable for various shapes, specifications, models of men's and women's shoes, boots and other glue activation. This machine utilizes the principle of hot air circulation.

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Quick Details

Brand Name:JENYEE
Application:Shoe Glue Activating

Operating temperature:

Type:Infrared heating tube
Applicable:all kinds of shoes
Warranty:1 Year


Product Application 

This machine is suitable for various shapes, specifications, models of men's and women's shoes, boots and other glue activation. This machine utilizes the principle of hot air circulation.

The oven is precisely irradiated by infrared ray on the upper and sole of the shoe, and the wind concentrated weathering greatly saves the activation time of glue.

Opening and closing doors, closed thermostatic effect is better, UV photolysis + activated carbon system efficiently deodorizes, solving the production environment odor.

Single side Rotary working type,good for lean production.
Using energy-saving electric energy, make temperature average activation. Accurate electrical heater irradiation, fast activation, making shoe material easy for lasting and power saving. With Movable device, convenient and flexible.Adon system control, easy to lean management.

Product Description

Control panel


Separate temperature control is adopted for vamp and sole, which can be adjusted to suit the temperature of different shoes.


The double-layer turntable

The double-layer turntable is used,sole on top, upper on bottom, screw connection for convenient maintenance and replacement.


Infrared heating

Using high quality infrared heating tube, and the heat in the box circulates through the wind to balance the temperature.

working desk

The table is connected with an air suction system, which can suck the peculiar smell of glue in production into the activated carbon system and filter it into odorless air.



Brief operating

1. Turn on the power switch
2. Open the upper and lower fan switches
3. Open the upper and lower heating switches
4. Set the upper and lower temperatures
5. Set the heating time
6. Turn on the rotary switch.



Company Information


Shenzhen JENYEE Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 1997 .At Jingyi, who always persist in notion of based on science and technology development, never forget to offer his own endeavor for industrial development of the Chinese nation. Along with years of hard investigation, the company now has grown into a comprehensive enterprise whose business as a integrationincluding design and development, manufacture, sales and service. The company been awarded with tittles of The National high Technology Enterprise ,The Shenzhen City high Technology Enterprise, andThe Drafting Unit og National Standard of shoe industry in 2017.


Q1: Are you the factory or trading company?

A1: We are the direct factory with 22 years experience in producing shoe machines.

Q2: What is your MOQ of your Product?
A2:  MOQ is 1 pieces.

Q3: What's your payment term? 
A3: 30% deposit in advance, 70% will be balanced before shipping. Other payment terms  can be discussed case by case. 

Q4: What's your after-sales service?
A4: For repairing or spare parts pls contact me by mail, WeChat, whatsapp or call, we will reply  you in 8 hours.

Q5: How long does your product warranty?
A5: one year.

Q6: What is the product package?
A6: Our products package are wooden case, carton and so on, we also accept customer's requirements about the package.

Q7: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A7: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.


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