JY-588A Shoe Side And Heel Seat Lasting MachineSide And Heel Seat Lasting Machine


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Model name: JY-558A

Side And Heel Seat Lasting Machine

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JY-558A Computerized Memory Control Automatic Cementing Shoe Side And Heel Seat Lasting Machine详情页_01.jpg

1.      The machine can complete the heel and side parts of the shoes at once time.

2.     The operating is the most stable and convenient with PLC control and graphic display touch screen.

3.     The setting is entered in numerical form and protected by key to prevent unauthoried person from making improper changes.

4.     With self-debugging function, saving time and cleaning trouble.

5.     The heel tightener is driven by chain mechanism.

6.       The mechanism of side with shoes are equipped with 4 groups of side pressure and finger pressure structures.

7.       The fingerpress structure has the function of automatic balance and can set two pressure actions.

8.       The inner and outer waist are equipped with a chaw, which an be used to pull the side and heel parts of the shoes, achieving a perfect effect.

9.     The peak oil cylinder adopts two times induction, making the machine safer in operating.

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